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SOCIAL MEDIA Optimization

What Is Social Media Optimization?

Brandlution is a leading and experienced Social Media Optimization Company in Bangalore. We specialize in social media optimization, a practice of streamlining or optimizing your business and grow your brand’s online presence. Brandlution offers tailored and comprehensive SMO packages to suit your unique business requirements and assist your brand in delivering results beyond expectations for both, the client and business needs.

In other words, SMO is the use of social media networks to strategically create, build, and maximize your social media plan and grow your brand’s message and online presence. Brandlution also helps in finding the right content for different social media platforms, analyzing the type of content your audience is looking for, creating it, and execute your strategy accordingly.

Social Media Optimization Company in Bangalore - SMO Services

Facebook Optimisation

Facebook is an ever-popular social media channel that encourages brands to drive exceptional marketing activities, and plan their expansion activities online. Leverage the advantages Facebook business page and Facebook Ads offer with their advanced digital marketing tools and techniques.

Instagram Optimisation

Instagram offers dynamic online marketing capabilities beyond just posting and sharing photos and videos. The unique hashtags and powerful advertising tools assist you to reach millions and also target a specific category of people. Partner with influencers today and grow your business.

YouTube Optimisation

This is your opportunity to create engaging YouTube channels for your business and carry out a host of digital marketing activities to tell your brand’s story most engagingly and insightfully. Improve your marketing performance by drawing insights and enhance your market reach.

LinkedIn Optimisation

This professional social media platform has given businesses a significant boost in carrying out dynamic marketing activities online. Create a business profile, join relevant groups, and build your network over a well-defined business structure. You can do a lot more with LinkedIn than we can mention here.

Twitter Optimisation

Twitter recently showed the distinct marketing opportunities it offers budding and established businesses to make a significant impact in the marketing world, and the distinct line of tools lets you optimize goals and target a specific audience. Again, a platform for reach beyond expectations.

Quora Optimisation

Introduce your brand to a conversational social media platform like Quora that enables you to strike a rapport by answering numerous questions and by providing favorable resolutions. You can also explain about your products or services on Quora and provide intriguing stories to engage your readers.


The Process Of Social Media Optimization

Competitor analysis

If there’s a company that takes a unique route to chart successful SMO campaigns for a multitude of businesses, it’s Brandlution. It’s important to know how other organizations are performing on social media, and merely posting content by creating social media profiles and sharing information isn’t everything. Analyzing the competition helps you understand what works for your brand and what’s working for others. You can use competitor analysis to rectify the mistakes you’re making and take steps to improve your social media standing.

Customer Persona

Connect with your audience. A buyer persona is a critical factor that helps businesses understand diverse customer requirements and create a research-based persona of an ideal customer. While it’s practically impossible to satisfy all customers, this fictitious persona will enable brands to meet maximum customer requirements and boost overall satisfaction levels. Every business needs to earn the best loyalty of its clients. Loyal clients are the mainstay of every business and Brandlution understands it.

Content Idea Curation

The keywords you use to create social media posts and content can critically influence your position on SERPs. Content curation on social media is an effective practice to find, create, and deliver content your audience loves. You can source the content from multiple resources and share them on various social media channels. You can provide value to your customers and establish a lasting connection with influencers. Add that new measurement of communication and interaction to your Social media content.

Strategy Building

A clear-cut SMO strategy that is structured to integrate seamlessly into dynamic business needs and objectives can deliver exceptional results and propel expansion plans to take a definitive shape. Having a summary of all the things you plan to do and achieve on social media helps you perform social media activities efficiently. Strategy building is the buzzword that guides your actions and gives you a clear picture of whether you’re succeeding or failing. You can make your plan more specific to suit a particular goal to be more effective.

Profile Optimization

Creating social media profiles to boost marketing efforts is one thing. Optimizing your profile to engage with your audience, drive traffic, and boost sales is a crucial factor of SMO. You need to optimize your content to drive your target audience and convert them into loyal customers. Brandlution offers tailored and comprehensive Social Media Optimization strategies to suit your unique business requirements and assist your brand in delivering results beyond expectations for both, the client and business needs.

Content Calendar Preparation

Having social media content calendars in place are highly effective to plan and organize your upcoming content without hassles. A content calendar is the backbone of your entire social media marketing strategy, and it can be a simple or complex one with dozens of feeds as per your brand’s requirement. You can save time and post consistently to keep your readers engaged and drive better conversions. A content calendar helps you maintain consistency in delivering the content and keeping in touch with your customers time-on-time.

Original Creative Design & Posting

Creating original designs by inducing creativity and developing engaging content to post them on social media platforms delivers optimum results and enhanced sales. Likewise, having an eye-catching and original Facebook profile, Twitter background, or creative Instagram profile helps build brand reputation and increase customer loyalty. This also helps you in creating effective promotional campaigns and builds a lasting relationship with your customers, strengthening your brand and increasing the online presence of your business across the globe.

Engagement Optimization

Reaching customers on social media isn’t only about identifying your target audience and the ideal channel to establish connections, but equally important is the timing and managing of your campaigns. Several key factors help you achieve this, including identifying the demographics and understanding what makes your audience tick. Eventually, customers will show trust in your brand and know that they’ll receive a positive response to their queries increasing customer engagement, further building your online reputation, and increasing sales.

Profile Maintenance

One of the most important goals of any business using a Social Media Optimization strategy is to create a profile that is catchy and which captures the utmost popularity among the target audience. Keeping your social media profile up to date is a critical factor that decides the impact, success, and growth of your brand among the masses. Since it’s a dynamic platform, your profile can soon become outdated if you don’t update it with new content, engaging and interactive posts, and other inputs that give value to your customers.

Social Integration on Website

One of the proven tactics to increase potential visitors to your website and boost conversions is to redirect your social media followers to your website. Website social media integration is the process of doing this and enabling your customers to access your social media platforms via your website. While SEO is mandatory for increasing traffic and boosting rankings on SERPs, Social Media also generates more traffic and delivers optimal business results by navigating the traffic to your website.

Monitor & Report on Social Analytics

Social Media is a well-established platform that enables customers to show trust in your brand and let them know that they’ll receive a positive response to their queries. It’s vital to measure your social media platforms’ performance to get better insights about what works for you and your customers and plan for strategic marketing activities. Social media analytics let you monitor and create reports about your brand’s performance on social media channels that encourage you to use your money and other resources profitably.


Benefits Of Social Media Optimization


Social media is, by far, the most cost-effective digital marketing technique that helps syndicate content and enhance your brand’s visibility, and engages with the mass public in the shortest period.


A loyal customer base continues to enhance brand reputation. SMO services are meant to boost sales and drive expansion, evolving brand loyalty that promotes a positive bonding with the customers.


Social media optimization helps to advertise to a targeted customer with a high conversion rate, therefore, saving great amounts on your marketing budgets. Reach a global audience today.


Through social media alone cannot directly impact this requirement, it has enough potential to garner better rankings and attract quality traffic and greatly influence your position on SERPs.


Social media platforms are ideal mediums to build associates and drive favorable conversions. Create a personalized voice for your brand and display your unique professional culture to your customers.


Numerous people use social networking websites. SMO helps in creating your website visibility and these platforms have been recognized as a great source of advertisement.

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They have Experts from the industry

Brandlution is a great team to work with. They clearly understand the problems and expectations. They provided the best solution to us. Also, delivered our work on time and helped our business all the time. Whether it's SEO or Google Ads, they have fulfilled our expectations with their amazing work. Thanks, Brandlution for your amazing work and looking forward to continuing with the team.

Shyam Balaji CEO

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Very happy with the Digital Marketing Service and Web Development Service

Compared to the company’s we have worked with before, Brandlution is the only Digital Marketing Agency who lived up to our expectations. They handle the work very professionally and give alternative solutions to all the queries. They keep us updated with monthly reports on how our website was/is performing. We highly recommend you go with Brandlution if you are looking for SEO, Website Development or any Digital Marketing Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs For Social Media Optimization

If SEO is done already, would I still need SMO?

SMO comes immediately after SEO, and while SEO uses techniques to enhance your website on SERPs, SMO builds and enhances your brand image across social media platforms, and helps generate genuine traffic that is most likely to convert.

What are social media optimization strategies?

There are three strategies to SMO:

  • Ensure social media goals: A potent social media marketing campaign can answer queries related to different goals and overcome common and unique obstacles in business.
  • Extend efforts throughout the organization: A fully integrated social media marketing campaign is achieved by involving and integrating several departments who share a common goal.
  • Focus on networks that add value: Every network has its strength and weakness, and it’s all about picking the social media platforms that are right for your business.

Can social media optimization drive more traffic and help expand my online business?

Several popular social media networking platforms have innumerable internet users who’re active. If you market your brand on these platforms, you can reach customers beyond several boundaries and connect with millions within a short time. This brings in high-quality traffic and improves conversion rates by increased clicks.

Is SMO beneficial to my website's rankings?

SMO delivers a significant and positive impact in ranking your website since it attracts quality links to your website. These links and clicks are natural and organic, and it is exactly what search engines also look for to boost website rankings in SERPs.

Are SMO packages comprehensive enough for large businesses?

SMO packages offered by Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and others are customized and tailored to suit diverse business requirements. Social media platforms understand that when it comes to SMO marketing packages, there’s no one-size-fits-all package and customization is the key to achieve success.

Why is social media optimization important?

Whether your business is taking full advantage of social media platforms or is only deriving the basic values, it’s important o understand that social media has forever changed the way customers and brands communicate with each other. Being accessible to your customers 24/7 and providing insights and opportunities for prospective clients is a prerequisite to develop and expand your brand.

Which social media platforms should my business have a presence on?

This depends on the type of business and your business objective you wish to achieve in both, the short run and the long run. While platforms like Facebook and Google+ are intended for customer retention, Instagram and Pinterest help create stories around your brand and posting relevant images. LinkedIn is purely intended to build professional relationships with like-minded individuals. Nevertheless, all social media platforms are excellent to generate leads and boost sales.

Is social media marketing better for B2C or B2B businesses?

It’s equally important for both but in different ways. B2C businesses can focus on posting light-hearted, fun, and interactive posts while B2B businesses use social media to deliver and share valuable industry content with others.

What type of social media content converts best?

This purely depends on your audience, and it is advisable to create different types of posts, tweak them, and test them to find what works best for your business.

What is the concept of SMO?

SMO is the process of making something specific like your social media posts and content fully functional, productive, reliable, and effective to the maximum extent possible.