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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Brandlution is the renowned digital marketing company and a state-of-the-art Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore that takes a holistic approach to enable distinct organizations realize their full potential via exceptional social media marketing campaigns. We take definitive measures to create and increase brand awareness, encourage engagement, and boost leads and sales by charting intriguing stories related to your product or service across well-known social media platforms. We offer extensive SMM services tailored for your unique requirements, with the ability to induce significant changes in the shortest time possible. We’re capable of thinking from the client’s perspective and offer the latest trends in SMM to help you stay on top of your game.


Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore - SMM Services


Facebook continues to be the most sought-after social media platform for carrying out dynamic marketing activities, and is an elaborated platform to power businesses to achieve their objectives. The Facebook business page and Facebook Ads are exceptional choices that offer impeccable digital marketing opportunities. The sponsored stories enable to reach the mass audience.


Brandlution is a contemporary Social Media Marketing Company that enables organizations tap the full potential Instagram offers in digital marketing capabilities. We use Instagram tools and extract complete benefits of hashtags to help your posts reach millions. We help you partner with influences and create Instagram stories for a wider reach and make a lasting impression.


Twitter marketing is the buzzword making a strong impact in business marketing domain, and it has more features and capabilities than what meets the bare eye. Trust Brandlution that sets up a powerful professional account, optimize your goals, and use powerful tools to assign roles and oversee the competition to enable your organization reach beyond conventional boundaries.


A Social Media Marketing Agency like Brandlution has the expertise to help businesses discover the other side of LinkedIn. Team up with us to create a business profile and join significant groups that increase your online presence and attract leads several folds. It’s a potent SMM platform that lets you create several Ad campaigns for unique business requirements.


YouTube marketing is a prominent platform of social media marketing that is often overlooked or considered only an video platform. Create a YouTube channel for your business and perform digital marketing activities like researching your competitors, learn about your audience and create engaging videos to tell your brand’s story. Try YouTube advertising to enhance your reach.


A contemporary Social Media Marketing Company like Brandlution has mastered the art of using Quora to resolve customer issues and influence millions by answering relevant questions. You can use Quora to strike intriguing conversations with your consumers and explain your product/service via interesting stories and short descriptions. This platform helps to converse with your consumers directly.


The Process Of Social Media Marketing

Competitor analysis

SMM isn’t just about creating a social media page, posting stories, sharing information, and engaging the audience, but a definitive mode of analyzing the competition. Brandlution provides you with an extensive competitor analysis that lets you analyze what’s working for your brand and what isn’t. You can also understand the errors and identify opportunities to scale your business. We also help you with insights that help you knowing which social platforms your competitors are on and how they're using those platforms.

Customer Persona

Syndicating your content on several social media platforms brings like-minded consumers under a single roof. While targeting an endless number of customers who demand a personal experience, creating an idea of the ideal customer is crucial. Your brand cannot satisfy all customers, and creating a fictitious model of the ideal customer is vital to enhance satisfaction levels, and its achieved by drawing the attributes of your ideal customer following a meticulous research of the mass consumer mindset.

Ad Copy Curation

Curating content on social media is all about sharing content from other sources with your audience after performing a thorough analysis of the content. You can engage with a broad audience and increase brand recognition that paves the way to generate a conversation around your brand and boost sales. It’s a great way to bridge the gap in your content calendar and provide value to your followers. It’s also a proven way to know your audience and connect with influencers to establish your brand as a thought leader.

Campaign Objective Selection

Whenever customers follow you or, they’re most likely to choose your brand and their loyalty increases traffic. Consider your business goals to achieve for every set period, and analyze how you’d go about achieving them. This is crucial because your Ad objective should include the action you want your audience to take when they see your Ads. Your business objectives should either be centered around generating awareness, making considerations, or drive conversions.

Detail Targeting & Budget Finalization

Your brand isn’t for everyone, and targeting a mass audience without performing any research of the mindset and the requirements proves costly for you in the long run. Opting for social media targeting strategy empowers you to reach only a specific type of audience who are interested in your brand and deliver impactful messages. There are several factors that’ll help you in this regard, and you can set a clear budget to drive maximum sales without blowing your pocket.

Ad Strategizing

Opting for social media marketing on a ad hoc basis involves overseeing a host of factors that are responsible for striking a successful Ad campaign. We conduct a research about the unique metrics your business needs and understand your social media audience. Other activities of ad strategizing include competitor’s approach on Social media, understanding the audiences’ perspective, setting up accounts the right way and a content calendar to establish a specific time to post content.

Scheduling and Running Ads

It’s an important part of SMM and its all about setting a specific time to display your Ads and for a specific period. Brandlution helps in scheduling and running Ads, and also in changing bids as per the requirements and to meet certain short-term objectives. Our experts hep you in understanding the most active time of your customers to strategize a schedule only at the time. This helps you in getting the most relevant and promising conversions your business is in need of.

Ad Performance Optimization

Creating an Ad campaign on social media and targeting your audience is one thing. However, creating a lasting impression is what you’re looking for. Ad performance optimization is the technique to increase the impact of an Ad. Brandlution helps you in tracking your past performance and measuring the same with future forecasting to decide how much to invest in future Ads and make alterations to present ones. Well, you have a strategy now.

Lead & Engagement Maintenance

A significant aspect of inbound marketing strategy is lead engagement. You focus here is to bridge the gap between your brand and your potential customers to build and retain them. Boosting market sales and profits always comes later. Use multiple channels to maintain connection with your audience, and send them relevant content, marketing newsletters, invitation to the company’s event, and perform other necessary tasks to continue the relationship.

Analytics & Remarketing Setup

You have a certain group of customers who are most likely to convert, and it’s the perfect time to grab the opportunity to turn the tables in your favor. You can use powerful tools like Google Analytics to remarket content for those products or services that interest your users the most. You can use your website cookies for this purpose and plan for remarketing using audience behavior.

Monitoring & Reporting

You’ve to keep track of how your Ads are performing and note relevant information needed for future use. It’s a proven way to plan for bigger goals and device ways of achieving them via the right social media marketing strategies. Note every mention your brand attracts, and take strategic steps to improve your Ads’ performances by measuring them against the set goals. Putting as little as around six hours per week, social media can generate immense exposure for any business, and that’s just the beginning.


Being Obsessed With Social Media Is A Benefit Sometimes


Most cost-effectively, you can enhance your business’s visibility and create a lasting impression via social media platforms and relevant Ad campaigns and enhance your brand reach.


Unlike traditional marketing techniques, your brand has the potential to reach numerous customers who are searching for similar products/services via identical keywords you rank for.


Increased brand awareness and enhanced inbound traffic, increases visibility. This means increase in conversion with every post, video, image, and other types of content.


A consistent visibility, and campaigns driven by purpose serves the perfect method to earn customer loyalty for free or at the most economical rates.


SMM is a proven strategy to attract traffic to your website where customers can find everything they should know about your products or services.


The more customers share and reshare your content on social media platforms, the bigger the opportunity to generate effective backlinks to your website.

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Abhilash Murali

Got good leads through SMM

It was an excellent experience to get digital marketing services from Brandlution. After a lot of research, we finalised Brandlution for SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Marketing for our company. They helped our business to grow at a faster rate than since the lockdown. They are very supportive and have delivered accurately & on time. Based on our experience, we will recommend others to try Brandlution.

Abhilash Murali Co-Founder

Shyam Balaji

They have Experts from the industry

Brandlution is a great team to work with. They clearly understand the problems and expectations. They provided the best solution to us. Also, delivered our work on time and helped our business all the time. Whether it's SEO or Google Ads, they have fulfilled our expectations with their amazing work. Thanks, Brandlution for your amazing work and looking forward to continuing with the team.

Shyam Balaji CEO

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Very happy with the Digital Marketing Service and Web Development Service

Compared to the company’s we have worked with before, Brandlution is the only Digital Marketing Agency who lived up to our expectations. They handle the work very professionally and give alternative solutions to all the queries. They keep us updated with monthly reports on how our website was/is performing. We highly recommend you go with Brandlution if you are looking for SEO, Website Development or any Digital Marketing Services.

Hewad Niazai Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Inquisitive About Social Media Optimization?

Which social media platforms should my brand be present on?

Having a social media presence on different social media platforms differs from one company to another. As a reputed brand, you ought to know where your audience is. Understand that some channels concentrate on B2B, while others focus exclusively on B2C approach. Which platform to choose depends on the type of crowd your product or service is intended for.

Should I post the same content on each platform every day? Or should I post different updates on different sites?

People follow your brand on different platforms for different reasons, and the type of crowd on each social media platform is different. While you’ve to post different content depending on the requirements, you can unify your audience by compelling storytelling. You can have a story on one platform and provide detailed information on another platform.

How often should I post content on social media platforms?

You cannot post content on every platform with the same time frequency. It depends on the type of and the amount of time audience spends on each platform. While Twitter demands posting at least three times a day, Facebook and Instagram require only two posts per day, and LinkedIn just one per day.

How Do I Get More Followers?

Posting frequent updates to bring in more followers is like forcing people to like your post which will never work. You cannot get people to engage with your content or loyal customers by posting frequently. Instead, delivering high-quality content to the right audience at the right time helps you achieve your goals. It can create a snowball effect and your content will go viral.

Generally, at what time should I post content on social media?

While early mornings are a great time for tweets to receive maximum clicks, evenings and late nights are the ideal time when your tweets and posts receive maximum retweets and sharing. While mornings work best for posting content on LinkedIn and Instagram, post content on Facebook after the first half of the day.

How to handle negative comments on social media?

There are two approaches to handle negative comments on social media. One is by addressing your customers’ queries in a conversational but professional way to regain their trust. Another is by choosing content moderation solution currently provided by Facebook and Instagram.

Can I delete bad comments or reviews from social media?

You can delete such comments from Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. While you cannot delete comments from Facebook, you can choose to block specific words and profanity. Speaking of Twitter, you can block the offending user or mute future tweets from such users.

How to get your customers involved and engaged?

Engagement is the buzzword in social media platforms, and you can get more people talking about your brand and show genuine interest by asking questions, hosting a contest, and by hosting a chat.

Do I really need Social Media for my Business?

Of course! Almost every internet user uses social media and for several said reasons. Your customers may be leaving reviews of your products, complaining, or asking questions. Posts on social media get viral in seconds. These platforms are used by people of all ages, interests, and socio-economic statuses. So it is not very difficult to find your target audience to reach out. However small your business may be, Brandlution will help you establish your social presence quickly.

How to measure ROI in Social Media Marketing?

Social media has direct and indirect effects on the campaigns you create and yes, most of the times the measuring the right ROI on social media may be challenging. Brandlution has experts who will help you get this process right.