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Get your business lined up for high conversion rates through the fastest growing channels of Digital Marketing. Yes, SEM requires your investment, but promises you high conversion rates that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Trust Brandlution, the celebrated digital marketing company operating with an expert team driven by the passion to help brands power their marketing campaigns on renowned search engines and drive home the advantage therein. This revolutionized the way of paid marketing/advertising on the web is carried out with the sole intention of increasing the visibility of the website on SERPs, attract quality traffic, and drive sales via the Pay Per Click methodology. Brandlution teams up with clients and assists them in tapping the full potential of online marketing services at the most economical costs. The SEM campaigns are tailored to suit the dynamic requirements of different businesses, and any modifications needed are induced instantly to meet the purpose.


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Search ads

These ads are in text form, paid-for results, and are displayed on SERPs when customers are looking for a product or service that is similar to yours. They are created using keywords you use for your campaigns, including the ones that are closely related to your brand.

Display ads

These ads appear in image form on other websites and apps your customers visit. These appear in the form of banner ads besides the original content, and before YouTube videos. Target audiences on different aspects and reach decision-makers instantly.

Shopping ads

These are the ads that are perfect for selling products online, and they include detailed information about products, including images and other important information. These ads significantly stimulate e-commerce business but with the right strategies.

Video ads

These are online advertisements that feature a video within and can appear before, during, or after a video stream. Video ads engage your audience with amusing and high-quality visuals on an emotional level. Create information for on-the-move people.


In-app advertising is a popular kind of online advertising to drive revenue on iOS and Android apps since numerous users spend a significant amount of time on various mobile apps. With precise data tracking, in-app advertising also allows reaching consumers.

Smart ads

Smart display campaigns let advertisers direct their ads towards audiences who’re most likely to convert without any set targeting. A CPA goal is set and the ad is uploaded where Google takes control of the campaign. Just strategize the right input and let Google do the rest.

Local ads

These are popular ads displayed to customers who’re looking for services you offer in their location. In other words, these ads are for customers looking for specific services within their location, and they include your contact details, your location, and working hours.

Discovery ads

Discovery ads are responsive ads that include a series of images with your brand logo, headlines, and descriptions that Google automatically rotates to discover the best-performing ad and share your brand story. They’re ads that appear in multiple feed.


The Art Of Aligning Your Brand Online

Expert Detailed Keyword Analysis

People use search engines actively to seek information relevant to their search query. Now, how can you let your customers find you if your business is related to that query? The foundation of SEM is built on keywords, and performing keyword research and analyzing keywords is critical for attracting traffic and achieve success with this paid search advertising. A keyword analysis is critical to understand what queries potential customers use to search for information and customize their ads and content accordingly.

Goals & Objectives Review

We all work with purpose-driven marketing and Brandlution understands the efficacy of it. When you plan a Search engine marketing campaign, you first need to determine what exactly you want to achieve out of this campaign. What is your SEM goal? Our experts take your valued opinion to understand your business objective of choosing an SEM strategy of marketing. They review these goals and objectives and help you narrow them down to the right set of goals and objectives that give you the best returns.

Budget & Targeting Review

The important part of budget management is reviewing and setting target spends across multiple budget plans, and editing a single budget plan depending on the requirements. A budget group consists of the complete time range set for that plan, and not just for a specific day or week. This process of the SEM strategy helps you to optimize your ads by setting a budget individually and enhance traffic quickly. Let Brandlution manage your budgets to ensure productive returns on investment made on your paid ads.

Bidding Type Review

It’s all about analyzing the bid type by assessing its strengths and weaknesses from the customers’ point of view and is unbiased. It lets you plan and executes a bid correctly to convert a losing bid into a winning one. Yes, automatic bidding options are available, but you will definitely need a smart planner to execute these bids. While automated bidding is a temporary solution that brings in mixed results, manual bidding promises you a team of experts working on long-term strategies that bring in ensured returns.

Creative Ad Copywriting

By incorporating strategy-powered words, you can induce creativity into your ad copies that strike the right connection with your customers. It’s all about writing ad copies in an imaginative and attention-grabbing way based on strategic thinking. Meet our best content team that will help you curate some of the best and inspiration ad copies designed to get the readers to take action and respond to your ads. Our content intends to highlight key features and the benefits of your services with a catchy and specific type of content.

Landing Page Creation & Improvement

This process involves creating a standalone web page, specifically created for digital marketing campaigns, with the sole intention to let a user land on the page. The user clicks a link on ads displayed on different channels or in an email to land on this page. The page is improved by adding fresh and relevant content and other valuable information for the customer. May it be a CTA, an attention-grabbing headline, content that’s readable, with a clear and concise message that drives sales, Brandlution has the proficiency to build it.

Campaign Monitoring

Monitoring your campaigns fundamentally lets you determine if your campaign is certainly working and the strategies and marketing techniques you used are performing. Creating a plan, measuring ad performance, planning better for the future, setting up important alerts, tracking customer conversations, and other critical tasks are performed easily and effectively with campaign monitoring. Brandlution works with experts who understand your customer’s behaviors and master the techniques that are effective in building campaigning strategies.

Google Ads Account Optimization

Google ads are one of the largest used online advertising platforms in the digital marketing space. Optimizing your ads account in a specific way helps the account perform at its best. The practice encourages optimizing and improving the campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords that work cohesively to attract new customers and expand the business. The actual structure of the account is made efficient to encourage maximum clicks that are most likely to convert. Get your Google ads account optimally structured today.

Conversion Tag Implementation

You created an ad, people clicked on it, now how do you track if the reader completed the action that you have defined as valuable on your website? Building several reports for your ad campaigns shows how they’re performing, and gives you insights into the measure to take to improve your ads and their performance. Conversion tracking tags help build these reports that show customer action and behavior and what you can do to convert potential customers. You can see how ad clicks lead to specific customer activity.


Advertising campaigns are series of ads sharing a specific idea based on a single message developed to achieve specific business goals. Ad campaigns allow businesses to place sponsored ads in search engine results. It also lets the results appear on Google Display Network like on Gmail and YouTube and other places. With the greater search intent that these search ad campaigns carry, Google search ads in specific can be extremely precise. A campaign can be created to generate brand awareness, drive sales, or drive more traffic depending on business objectives.

The benefits of SEM

There Is Always More Than You Wish For – Benefits

Purpose-driven digital marketing campaigns following a specific timeline can take your brand places, and Brandlution puts every effort under the sun to guide your business at every step of myriad marketing activity.


Paid ads are short-term strategies and techniques that offer instant visibility to your products and services in the short run compared to SEO that takes some time to make your brand popular.


Search engine marketing gives you several options to target the audience based on location, age, gender, including other key aspects. Create ads that target your audience directly.


SEM is an effective method to reach customers based on their search history and intentions. Your Ads can be shown only to those users who’re searching for products & services.


Since SEM works on PPC methodology, your Ads are displayed for free, and you only pay when users click your Ads or take further action. Enjoy the exposure and brand awareness.


You can set up a schedule for each Ad campaign, and run or stop a particular campaign whenever you want to without disturbing other Ad campaigns. Enhance traffic with a set budget.


You can get an in-depth analysis of your Ads performances, and measure them in terms of impressions, clicks, CTR, top-performing keywords, and others, and strategize future campaigns.

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Abhilash Murali

Got good leads through SMM

It was an excellent experience to get digital marketing services from Brandlution. After a lot of research, we finalised Brandlution for SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Marketing for our company. They helped our business to grow at a faster rate than since the lockdown. They are very supportive and have delivered accurately & on time. Based on our experience, we will recommend others to try Brandlution.

Abhilash Murali Co-Founder

Shyam Balaji

They have Experts from the industry

Brandlution is a great team to work with. They clearly understand the problems and expectations. They provided the best solution to us. Also, delivered our work on time and helped our business all the time. Whether it's SEO or Google Ads, they have fulfilled our expectations with their amazing work. Thanks, Brandlution for your amazing work and looking forward to continuing with the team.

Shyam Balaji CEO

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Very happy with the Digital Marketing Service and Web Development Service

Compared to the company’s we have worked with before, Brandlution is the only Digital Marketing Agency who lived up to our expectations. They handle the work very professionally and give alternative solutions to all the queries. They keep us updated with monthly reports on how our website was/is performing. We highly recommend you go with Brandlution if you are looking for SEO, Website Development or any Digital Marketing Services.

Hewad Niazai Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is search engine marketing?

It’s an umbrella term used to describe all those activities performed to generate and enhance visibility in SERPs. It follows the pay-per-click methodology to attach potential customers and generate revenue.

Why should I care about search engine marketing?

A significant percentage of the business world functions online, and it’s very likely that your potential customers, stakeholders, partners, and others who matter are also online. SEM is the fastest growing and the most popular online marketing channel that is cost-effective compared to traditional marketing. It’s a potent way to build brand reputation and enhance brand loyalty.

How do I determine if search engine marketing is right for my company?

Irrespective of your company’s objectives and your domain of operations, SEM techniques are the lifeblood of your organization that helps generate awareness, attract new leads, convert potential leads into sales without the gimmicks of traditional marketing. It’s become an integral part of every brand that probably a company headquartered in a cave where customers are cavemen doesn’t require SEM.

How do I begin search engine marketing activities?

The best way to get started with search engine marketing is to set up a digital marketing team in your company or outsource these activities to digital marketing companies like Brandlution who’ll oversee every aspect of your business activities to ensure success in the digital space. Factors include the objectives, budget, timeline, and internal resources that give you insights if you can have in-house SEM activities.

How do I measure the success of search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing activities are highly measurable, and there are powerful tools and analytics to help you do that. There are different tools available to measure different aspects of SEM activities. For instance, to generate awareness, you can track impressions and clicks, and to measure brand preference or performance, there are click-through and conversion rates.

Where does SEM fit in with other marketing initiatives?

SEM isn’t used to replace other marketing efforts completely, but rather it complements your existing marketing techniques. You can engage your customers with different types of SEM techniques while maintaining their relationships through other marketing initiatives.

What are the criteria to evaluate an SEM vendor?

While evaluating SEM vendors, you’ve to consider their tenure in the business, industry experience, the number of clients handled, size of clients, employee turnover, pricing, industry credibility, and other critical aspects. You can request references and make an informed decision thereafter.

Why can’t I just optimize for SEO and be done with it?

SEO is an organic or unpaid way of digital marketing that takes significant time to show results. Moreover, your customers’ expectations are constantly changing, and keeping up with their psyche calls for a more strategic advertising approach. And, SEO is nowhere close to using the right keyword at the right place in the content. SEM techniques are more definitive and you have full control over your ad campaigns.

How does search marketing tie in with other types of marketing?

Search engine marketing joins hands with inbound marketing and where you make efforts to place yourself where people are looking for solutions. It also ties with content marketing to enable high-quality content to be found for certain topics customers are searching for.

Will my ads be on Google 24/7?

Your ads will appear on SERPs until your budget for that particular ad campaign is exhausted. You can use bidding systems to increase the budget and continue displaying your ads on SERPs.