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we give you numerous reasons to consider message marketing

Reach your customers instantly with low cost marketing strategies through a medium that’s used by all. Reach new customers and re-engage your target customers with campaigns that boost your sales with a shorter turnover.

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Text marketing

Utilize the quickest reach marketing strategy ever

Digital marketing strategies that use elements like text messaging, short videos, status updates, and quickly push notifications are termed as Messaging marketing techniques. Messaging Marketing is precisely sending advertising campaigns or messages for marketing purposes using text messages, WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp videos, creatives, emails and push notifications. These short and quick messages are mostly intended to communicate time-sensitive updates, offers, and alerts to people or customers who have agreed to receive these messages from your business. Brandlution uses this strategy at its best to give that extra benefit of digital marketing with this messaging service that ensures a quick reach to the customers generating prospective leads.


Everything a business takes to reach its customers

Direct Channel

Messaging is one of the immediate channels available that assures you that a customer will receive your marketing campaigns in a very short time to generate successful ROIs.


Messaging is a cost-effective technique used by businesses to communicate quickly and privately with their customers. Tighten your budgeting belts and enjoy the reach.

Greater Reach

Easy opt-in options benefit businesses to build a larger customer database. With this, businesses are just fingertips away from their customers for any communication.

Better Conversions

Messaging is instant and so is its reach. Potential customers are more likely to call, visit or take some action on offers or promotions shared through instant messages than any other channels.

Customer engagement

This amazing strategy has changed the way businesses engage their customers. It provides support through the entire customer lifecycle and also improves the response rates.

Measurable ROI

Response data through messaging marketing via different channels SMS, E-mail, and more helps to monitor the conversion rates and sales numbers. Segregate nonrespondents instantly.

SMS Marketing

Businesses today look to target more customers on the go. SMS marketing is increasingly picking up as an effective way of multi-channel marketing. The potential reach of SMS marketing is higher than any other messaging technique as this target both, smartphone and non-smartphone users. Send a simple personalized and targeted message to communicate with your target customers.


E-mail Messaging

Promotions of your business and your product or service through e-mails is in use since the introduction of E-mail marketing. A form of direct marketing, our digital marketing experts use E-mail campaigns to attract customers with personalized messages endorsing and engaging customers with informative content, your brand, and your product.

WhatsApp Messaging

WhatsApp Marketing is a strong marketing tool and a platform to make direct communications with your customers. Brandlution understands it is a permission-based marketing, which ensures to keep the details of the customers safe. A platform that allows businesses to send different forms of content in form of images, clips, and texts to customers across the globe.

push notification

Push Notifications

Now increase your subscriber count and enhance your brand’s visibility. Did you this could drive more revenue in the online market? Brandlution helps your business find the best page on your website to launch the opt-ins for push notifications and convert your readers into subscribers by either offering them a parting goodie or by breaking a news story.

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Abhilash Murali

Got good leads through SMM

It was an excellent experience to get digital marketing services from Brandlution. After a lot of research, we finalised Brandlution for SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Marketing for our company. They helped our business to grow at a faster rate than since the lockdown. They are very supportive and have delivered accurately & on time. Based on our experience, we will recommend others to try Brandlution.

Abhilash Murali Co-Founder

Shyam Balaji

They have Experts from the industry

Brandlution is a great team to work with. They clearly understand the problems and expectations. They provided the best solution to us. Also, delivered our work on time and helped our business all the time. Whether it's SEO or Google Ads, they have fulfilled our expectations with their amazing work. Thanks, Brandlution for your amazing work and looking forward to continuing with the team.

Shyam Balaji CEO

pp 2

Very happy with the Digital Marketing Service and Web Development Service

Compared to the company’s we have worked with before, Brandlution is the only Digital Marketing Agency who lived up to our expectations. They handle the work very professionally and give alternative solutions to all the queries. They keep us updated with monthly reports on how our website was/is performing. We highly recommend you go with Brandlution if you are looking for SEO, Website Development or any Digital Marketing Services.

Hewad Niazai Founder